Do Gentle Dentists Exist?

My old dentist retired. He was a gem. I’m a TMJ patient so he was always very gentle with me. I could get through my appointments with very little pain. Since he’s retired, I’ve seen three dentists. All of them have been a disaster. They’re rushed. They’re rough. TheRead More

Need a Dentist Who Caters to Fearful Patients Now!

Can you help a gal out? I’ve had a dentist for years who understood my fear of dentists. He joked that he always catered to cowards. He did, too! He made my appointments bearable and sometimes even fun. I moved to a neighboring state, but the last two dentists I tried were complete disasterRead More

Can a Sedation Dentist Charge for Work Not Agreed to?

I’m a little distressed at the moment. I went to a dentist specifically because he was a sedation dentist and I’m tired of avoiding dental work because of my anxiety. I knew I’d need a lot of work and told them I wanted to draw up a treatment plan which will allow me to get… Continue reading Can a Sedation Dentist Charge for Work Not Agreed to?

Scared of Looking Old If I Can’t Afford Dental Implants

I’ve recently been told I’m going to lose all of my teeth. I’m absolutely beside myself. The dentist told me he highly recommended I get dental implants. When he told me the price, I realized there was no way for me to afford that. I told him it was impossible. He showed me thesRead More