Should I get a dental implant if a crown broke twice?

Can you advise me on whether or not I should ask for a dental implant? I have a left back molar that broke about 7 years ago. A crown was placed on it, but yesterday the crown broke for the second time. At first I didn’t feel anything, but now when air hits the tooth […]

Is My Affordable Dentist Ordering Unnecessary Procedures?

I don’t have dental insurance. Everything I do is out of pocket. Because of that I specifically looked for a dentist who advertised as an affordable dentist. I double checked and his prices were lower than those around him. So I felt pretty safe going. I did expect to need some work done because I […]

Reasonable risk to go out of the country for Lumineers?

I think I found a way to get veneers like Lumineers for half the cost of what dentists are charging in the states. Although I have read a lot of articles cautioning against going out of the U.S. for dentistry, this option seems safe. I found UK dentists who were trained in the U.S. and […]