I Can’t Eat with My Dentures

Ever since I got my dentures it has been a bit challenging to eat. However, it seems to have gotten significantly worse in recent years. I can’t even keep them in anymore. I’ve been living on nothing but soup. Have they just stretched? Do I need to have new ones made? Carolyn Dear Carolyn, What […]

Dentist Said My Face Will Collapse with Dentures

I am trying not to cry. I need to get dentures. I’m losing my teeth. There’s nothing I can do about that. My dentist made me feel absolutely horrid. He practically yelled at me saying if I got dentures my face would collapse. He wants me to get dental implants. But, at $2,500 a pop. […]

Were My Dentures Placed too Far?

I have permanent dentures that were placed on top of dental implants. My lips feel bulky. He said he placed them about 3mm from the gumline. Is that too far? Is that why they feel bulky? Rick Dear Rick, Are you sure your dentist said the gumline? I have a picture to the left to […]

Dentist Angry I Want Dentures

I don’t know what to do. My mouth is a wreck. I know dental implants will be better, but I just can’t afford them. It’s dentures or nothing, but my dentist keeps acting like I’m ruining my life. Are they really that big of a disaster? Macey Dear Macey, While dentures aren’t the best, sometimes […]

Denture Problems

I need some help. As my grandchildren would say, “I’ve got some probs.” I’m a fairly new denture wearer. Every time I seem to get sort of a handle on one issue, another one pops up. I was struggling with them sliding and I’ve gotten some adhesive which helps a bit, but now I’m getting […]

Tooth Broke off Denture

I have dentures and dropped one while cleaning it. One tooth broke off but looks to be completely intact. Would Superglue solve this or will I need an entirely new denture? I want to take care of this ASAP because it’s a front tooth. I’m only 42. I don’t want to look like I belong […]

Dentures for Patient with TBI

My neighbor has suffered a traumatic brain injury. I help the family take care of them. They can only get in on the weekends. They buy her food and pay her bills and visit with her. I keep an eye out for her during the week by making her meals and taking her to doctor […]