Crown for a Chipped Tooth?

I fell and chipped a front tooth the other day. I called my dentist’s emergency number and he said when this whole COVID thing was all over we can put a dental crown on it. I wasn’t sure I wanted such a big procedure. Is that standard? Kevin Dear Kevin, I’m going to give you […]

Gum Inflammation after Crown

I had a dental crown done on a tooth near the front. There has been serious gum inflammation since then and it hasn’t gotten better even after seeing my dentist and a periodontist. The periodontist said it looks like the dentist made the crown too deep and close to the bone. He’s recommending periodontal surgery […]

Why Do I Need a Root Canal Treatment?

I have an infected tooth. My dentist wants to do a root canal treatment and then a dental crown. I don’t understand why we can’t just extract the tooth. I mean they’re grinding down the tooth so what is the point of keeping it? Jenny Dear Jenny, I’m glad you asked this question. There is […]