Pain After White Filling

I needed a filling. My dentist wanted to do an amalgam filling because he said they are better on back teeth. I didn’t want that, but wanted a white filling which doesn’t have mercury. He kept insisting the other would be better. I told him I’d go elsewhere to get the white filling. He said […]

Is Sav-a-Tooth Legitimate?

I am in the middle of getting an emergency preparatory kit ready. I came across this thing called Sav-a-Tooth. I didn’t know if it was a legitimate thing and worth getting or not. I don’t want to waste money. Thanks, Kevin Dear Kevin, It’s great that you’re trying to be prepared. I’ve looked at this […]

Porcelain Crowns Turning Yellow

I had several porcelain crowns done just over six months ago. They were absolutely beautiful when I first got them. I was so excited. Now they’re turning yellow. I don’t smoke. I do drink some coffee, but my dentist originally told me that wouldn’t be a problem. I brush twice a day just like I’m […]