Dentist Won’t Remove Tooth

I have an impacted wisdom tooth and another tooth near it that has had a root canal. Here are my issues. The impacted wisdom tooth is infected and needs to come out. However, the root-canaled tooth has never felt right. I want him to remove both teeth at once, but he is absolutely refusing and […]

The Scoop of Charcoal Teeth Whitening

I keep hearing about whitening your teeth with charcoal. Is this a legitimate thing? Marcus G. Dear Marcus, First, let me say I’m glad you checked before just trying this. There have always been fads in DIY teeth whitening procedures. A few years ago it was lemons. What people didn’t count on was the citric […]

At-Home Teeth Whitening Versus Crest Whitestrips

I keep hearing it’s better to get at-home teeth whitening done than Crest Whitestrips. But aren’t Crest Whitestrips the same thing as take-home whitening? Kevin C. Dear Kevin, Differences in Teeth Whitening Coverage I can understand your confusion, but the only real similarity to them is they can both be used at home. Crest Whitestrips […]

Will it look like I had my teeth whitened if I brush them more?

My teeth are yellow but I can’t afford teeth whitening. So I would like your expert advice on ways to get them white. I’ve started brushing twice a day instead of once a day. I know that poor brushing habits have probably made my teeth so yellow. I’m not a smoker, so that isn’t the […]

How much would an affordable dentist charge for crowns?

How much would an affordable dentist charge for crowns? I need 3 of them and I can’t afford to pay a high end or middle end dentist to get them. I have some dental insurance but it will only pay 30%. I appreciate the coverage but that’s not much. My current crowns are almost 18 […]

Teeth whitening kit isn’t working on my bonding

I got a great Groupon teeth whitening deal about a month ago. I started using it the same week. My natural teeth are whiter but 4 of the teeth that I have bonding on haven’t changed at all. The 4 teeth were almost broken in half in an accident in 2003. I stopped smoking in […]

Is this dentist really affordable or am I paying for the amenities?

I found an affordable dentist online. When I had my first appointment I was surprised that the office is so swank. I am beginning to wonder if this is going to turn out to be a rip off. How can a dentist afford all of these amenities and still be affordable? Are there fees that […]