Dentures for Patient with TBI

My neighbor has suffered a traumatic brain injury. I help the family take care of them. They can only get in on the weekends. They buy her food and pay her bills and visit with her. I keep an eye out for her during the week by making her meals and taking her to doctor… Continue reading Dentures for Patient with TBI

Should I Get Lumineers?

My uncle offered to buy me a smile makeover for graduation. I’m very excited. My parents could never afford anything like that. I want to make sure I get the right thing. I keep seeing advertisements for Lumineers. Should that be what I get or Porcelain Veneers? Avery Dear AveRead More

Which Natural Teeth Whitener is Best?

I’ve been looking up natural teeth whitening. Two get the most mentions in their effectiveness: lemons and apple cider vinegar. Which one of these is the best to use? Carlyn Dear Carlyn, It’s great that you’re double checking these before trying. Truthfully,Read More