She Needs to Switch Dentists

Can you advise me, please? I have a front tooth that is brown and ugly because of an injury to it involving me, my husband, and a lightsaber. Now that the tooth is brown, I find it embarrassing to smile. I spoke with my dentist about it and he said because there is no longer… Continue reading She Needs to Switch Dentists

Cost of Zirconia Versus Titanium Dental Implants

I need to get about three dental implants, but need something affordable. I wondered if the zirconia would be cheaper than the titanium implants? If not, what is the best way to get some cheap implants? Kevin Dear Kevin, Zirconia costs the dentist a little more than does titaRead More

Ordering Dental Implant Parts Online

I have snap-on dental implant dentures. The kind with four posts. I need to get locater retention caps. I see you can purchase them online for a set of four for $20. My dentist is charging me $30 for just one of them. I’m having trouble with finances right now and am wondering if there&#82Read… Continue reading Ordering Dental Implant Parts Online

Insurance Won’t Cover Dental Implants

I’m not sure what to do. I am losing my teeth and will need to replace them. I wanted to get dental implants, but my insurance won’t cover it. At most, I could afford two of them. This is very discouraging. I don’t just want to get dentures. Are there any options for me? Read… Continue reading Insurance Won’t Cover Dental Implants

Discount Dentist Disaster

I needed a dental crown but didn’t have the money. I decided to put it off for a bit. Then I saw an online advertisement. A dentist was offering a huge discount on dental crowns. He just received a machine which would allow him to create the crowns right there in his office and he… Continue reading Discount Dentist Disaster

Are There Affordable Dental Implants Which Work?

My BFF went to Mexico to get affordable dental implants. The dentist trained in the United States. He spoke fluent English and seemed to really know what he was doing. She was able to go over the border several times throughout the year and still saved money. But, after the procedure, she developRead More

Will Snap-on Dentures Fix My Jaw?

I was looking in the mirror and noticed I look a lot older. The problem seems to be my jaw as well as the area around my mouth. I did some looking online and it seems like if you wear dentures it can make your jaw smaller. I think that is what is happening to… Continue reading Will Snap-on Dentures Fix My Jaw?

Will Mini Implants Last on Front Teeth?

I lost some front teeth about ten years ago, which were replaced with a bridge. The teeth which were holding the bridge (next to the lost teeth on either side) have now become loose. My dentist is suggesting dental implants. They’re pretty pricey. I saw an article about mini-implants. He saRead More