Need an affordable dentist for gum disease

I have been fighting gum disease on my own for the last 4 months because I can’t afford a dentist. I don’t have a regular dentist and although I have dental insurance it basically covers only routine cleanings and an exam 2 times a year. If something more than that needs to be done I am basically on my own. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankfully that I have that much coverage but when something goes wrong, with my salary even the slightest problem is huge.  I did oil pulling with coconut oil, I put garlic paste on my teeth, I took turmeric to get rid of the swelling and inflation, and I started taking oregano oil because that is supposed to kill just about anything. It has been a losing battle so now I am forced to find a dentist. I know it might some time and repeat appointments to get rid of it so are there affordable dentists who also treat gum disease? Also, how much time can I expect to spend trying to get my mouth back in order? Thanks Timothy.


Periodontal disease, or gum disease, results form a buildup of plaque and tartar. Symptoms gums that may swell, bleed, and start to separate from your teeth, or recede. Some patients also begin to notice a bad odor or taste in their mouth. As you recover from gum disease, ensure that you including flossing your teeth in your daily routine. Floss helps prevent plaque buildup.

You are taking the right action to look for an affordable dentist to help you stop the progression of gum disease. As gum disease advances, it attacks the gums, ligaments, and jawbone. It often results in tooth loss.

Gum Disease Treatment

The treatment for gum disease will involve both you and your dentist.

  • At-home care – Plaque must be removed from between your teeth, or between your teeth and gums, daily. Ensure you always have floss on hand, and thoroughly floss between all of your teeth. Don’t guess about whether or not you are flossing correctly. Ask your dental hygienist for instructions, and ask him or her to watch you floss to ensure its being done correctly.
  • Tartar removal – Scaling and root planing are a deep-cleaning process done in the dental office. Tartar will be removed from your teeth and their roots. Special instruments are used to deeply clean your teeth. Local anesthetic may be used to ensure your comfort.
  • Surgical therapy – In severe cases of gum disease, surgical treatment may be need to repair tissue, replace bone, or replace teeth with dental implants.

The in-depth treatment required to help you recover form periodontal disease needs the experience of a skilled dentist. In addition to finding an affordable dentist, ensure you find a dentist who is qualified to treat your condition. Ask how many patients he or she has treated. Ask about the treatment methods and how long your dentist thinks it will take to restore the health of your smile. Take the time to consult with at least two dentists to ask questions. Find out how treatment can be made affordable for you.


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