My dentist won’t do my implant

My dentist does implants. I went for the implant consultation last week and he said that he can’t do the procedure for me because I have 70% bone loss and he doesn’t do grafting. So he is referring me out. I asked him to go ahead and do the procedure for me only even though he doesn’t do it for other patients. I don’t understand why I need to be referred. I think it’s just wasting time. – Thomas C.

Thomas C. – It is likely that your dentist wasn’t trained in bone grafting procedures, or is not skilled in bone grafting procedures to the extent that is required for your case. If your dentist referred you for treatment, trust that you will receive better treatment from the dentist to whom you were referred.

Increasing the amount of jawbone in the desired area requires training and skill. The bone grafting procedure is separate from the implant surgery. After you receive the graft, time is allowed for it to fuse with your own jawbone tissue. Healing time is about six months.

Dental implants are an investment that should last a lifetime. Trust your dentist’s judgment.

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