Is a Nesbit Partial Illegal In Oregon?

I lost an upper tooth. My dentist wants to replace it with a dental implant, but that has metal and I don’t want any metal in my mouth. I want a Nesbit partial denture, but my dentist insists it is illegal in our state because some people have swallowed them. I live in Oregon. I… Continue reading Is a Nesbit Partial Illegal In Oregon?

Swelling After Tooth Extraction

I had a tooth extraction on an infected lower left molar. I thought taking the tooth out would relieve all the pain. There was swelling before the extraction. He prescribed me amoxicillin because the infection was pretty substantial. However, after three days, the swelling has hardened and not evRead More

Adult Tooth Lost

My sister was out dancing and some idiot showing off did a high kick that knocked a tooth of hers clean out. She didn’t worry about it and said she’d just get a fake one. I told her to see a dentist but she insisted they couldn’t do anything about it anyway. That got me… Continue reading Adult Tooth Lost

She Needs to Switch Dentists

Can you advise me, please? I have a front tooth that is brown and ugly because of an injury to it involving me, my husband, and a lightsaber. Now that the tooth is brown, I find it embarrassing to smile. I spoke with my dentist about it and he said because there is no longer… Continue reading She Needs to Switch Dentists

Mom’s Teeth are Falling Out

Can you advise me on what to do for my 86 year old mother? Two weeks ago, she lost a tooth. We had it replaced with a removable partial denture because she just does not have much money and my husband and I are in a tight spot financially ourselves. I can barely afford the… Continue reading Mom’s Teeth are Falling Out

Can I Save This Tooth

I’ve been to two different dentists and both of them want to pull my tooth. I have a front tooth that had been chipped. I’d repaired it with dental bonding. Then, I had a fall and it broke almost in half. The dentists want to pull it and give me a partial denture. I am… Continue reading Can I Save This Tooth

Dealing with a Broken Tooth

My husband recently fell and broke both of his front teeth. Do you know what we need to do to get this fixed? Will he need to extract them, or maybe get dental crowns? I will be honest that he is not crazy about the dentist so I’m trying to figure out what he needs… Continue reading Dealing with a Broken Tooth

Snap-On Smile to Replace a Tooth?

I have an infected first molar. There is not a molar behind it. My choices are a root canal treatment (which is rather expensive) or extract the tooth and get a dental implant (which is more expensive). Of course my dentist gives me all the expensive options. What I’m wondering is if I can Read… Continue reading Snap-On Smile to Replace a Tooth?