Antibiotics for Tooth Infection

I had a root canal treatment done but then the company I worked for closed its doors. I didn’t have the money to have the cap put on and I’ve been putting some store bought tooth filling in the hole. I ran out of that and I think I’ve developed another tooth infection. Is there an antibiotic I can take for this?


Dear Lane,

I’m sorry about your job. That is tough. It’s also a difficult time to find new employment during this time of COVID. Unfortunately, an antibiotic alone will not solve this problem. It will keep the infection from spreading while scheduling an appointment. Do not wait too long, though, because once the antibiotic is done the infection will begin to spread again. Tooth infections are considered dental emergencies for a reason.

The only way to truly get rid of a tooth infection is by physically removing the infected tissue. You have already had a root canal treatment on this tooth. Once a root canal treatment fails, the chance of a retreatment success goes down with each attempt.

Your best option may be just to have the tooth extracted at this point. Then get a dental flipper as a temporary replacement until your employment status changes.

I realize the idea of seeing a dentist at this moment is probably stressful to you. My suggestion is you look for a practitioner who is willing to work with patients on payment options. You can usually find them by doing an internet search for an “affordable dentist”.

When you are able, you will need to get a permanent replacement for your missing tooth. The best replacement option is to get a dental implant. Though, they are expensive. Your dental flipper will work for a few years so don’t stress over it yet.

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