Is a Tooth Infection Really Dangerous?

I have a back tooth (not the wisdom tooth) that broke a while ago. Now the area hurts and my cheek is swollen. It is also starting to hurt in my neck. Someone told me this is dangerous, but I just don’t have money for a dentist right now. Is it really that dangerous or… Continue reading Is a Tooth Infection Really Dangerous?

Antibiotics for Tooth Infection

I had a root canal treatment done but then the company I worked for closed its doors. I didn’t have the money to have the cap put on and I’ve been putting some store bought tooth filling in the hole. I ran out of that and I think I’ve developed another tooth infection. Is there… Continue reading Antibiotics for Tooth Infection

Can a Tooth Infection Cause a Fever?

Can you help me? My dentist is being very particular about who he sees in the office because of the pandemic. He won’t see my daughter because she has a fever, but I think the fever is because of her tooth infection. He is saying that a tooth infection cannot cause a fever and therefore… Continue reading Can a Tooth Infection Cause a Fever?

Can a Broken Tooth Get Infected?

I have a tooth that broke a while back. I didn’t really do anything about it and eventually, more of it broke off so it is pretty much just the stuff underneath. The hole where the tooth used to be is hurting on and off. When it does hurt it is hard for me to… Continue reading Can a Broken Tooth Get Infected?

Dentist Won’t See Me

I called my dentist because I told him that I have what I think is a tooth infection. He called me in an antibiotic and told me to take that and then come in a week from now. I don’t understand why he won’t see me. I’m pretty sure that you can’t solve a tooth… Continue reading Dentist Won’t See Me

How Do I Know If a Tooth Can’t be Saved?

I had a toothache and went to see a dentist. He told me the tooth can’t be saved and I should just have it extracted. How do I know if that is the truth? I know you are probably thinking why would the dentist lie. Here’s the deal. He was very rude and insulted me… Continue reading How Do I Know If a Tooth Can’t be Saved?

Lost a Tooth During Sedation Procedure

I’m upset about my last appointment. Let me preface this by saying I am a sedation veteran. If it is anything except a cleaning, I use sedation. Because of that, I usually don’t need a lot of serious care and I’ve never had a problem in the past, so this took me by surprise. I&#Read… Continue reading Lost a Tooth During Sedation Procedure

Whitening Strips Not Helping Gray Tooth

I’m not sure what to do. I’m a heavy coffee drinker and have been for years. It causes pretty serious staining on my teeth. I’ve always been able to get them back to a less embarrassing color by using over-the-counter teeth whitening strips. For some reason, I’m having morRead More