How does nitrous oxide help in the extraction of wisdom teeth?

What does it do for the body and are there any side affects?

Thanks, Gavin

Dear Gavin,

Nitrous Oxide is commonly used for the extraction of wisdom teeth. Many people refer to it as laughing gas which helps one feel relaxed and calm. It causes mild sedation, some pain relief, a dream like state of mind, and some people even giggle or laugh. It’s great for those patients who are a little nervous for their dental treatment because it calms the nerves.

Nitrous Oxide not monitored properly can cause adverse effects in some patients. If used a lot people tend to feel nausea after eating or drinking alcohol which leads to vomiting. Headaches are common during the administration of nitrous oxide with heavy users of this gas. If used over time and frequent the immune system becomes weakened. These conditions mentioned above are side effects for excessive users because nitrous oxide can become addictive for some. If you have a middle ear disease or a bowel problem we recommend you don’t use nitrous oxide.

Feel confident about using laughing gas for your wisdom teeth removal. If will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Dentist are educated and trained in its usage. If you have any more concerns talk with the dentist or oral surgeon who will be extracting your teeth about this subject matter.

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