How long does it take to get used to dentures?

How long does it take to get used to dentures? I’ve had mine for a year now and I hate them. I don’t know if they were made wrong or what but the bottom denture keeps falling out. I use adhesive but after 2 or 3 hours it’s back to the same thing. They fall out again. I told my dentist about it and she said she has done all she can to make them fit. – Pam R.

Pam – It takes several weeks to get used to eating and speaking with dentures. You will also get used to inserting and removing them in a few weeks. But you’ve had your dentures for a year. The problem with your dentures falling out is not a matter of getting used to them.

You might consider seeing another dentist to take a look at your dentures. It could be that an adjustment needs to be made to them.

Dental implants can be used to stabilize your dentures. The implants are surgically implanted in your jawbone, and your dentures are attached onto the implants. As few as two implants can be used, but the more implants you have, the more secure your dentures will be.

Mini implants cost less than dental implants. They will also stabilize your dentures so you don’t have to worry about them falling out. But your dentures won’t be as secure as they would be with standard implants.


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