Miserable, Yet Still Afraid of the Dentist

I am in absolute misery. I have a wisdom tooth that I broke some time ago. I know I should have had it removed then but I am terrified of dentists. Since then, it has grown decayed and I think it is infected. I am in agony. Even in my misery, I am still afraid… Continue reading Miserable, Yet Still Afraid of the Dentist

Dental X-Rays and Thyroid Cancer

I watched a clip from an old Dr. Oz show that said women are at an increased risk for thyroid cancer. Because of that, he suggested women limit the number of dental x-rays they get. In fact, he said to only get them if there is an actual problem and not routinely. Is there validity… Continue reading Dental X-Rays and Thyroid Cancer

Sensitivity After Tooth Extraction

I am wondering if there is something wrong with my tooth extraction site. It felt achy for a while, which I thought was normal, but now it is sensitive to anything with heat. I’m worried. Do I need to have it looked at? Bonnie Dear Bonnie, You are correct that it is noRead More

Discount Dentist Disaster

I needed a dental crown but didn’t have the money. I decided to put it off for a bit. Then I saw an online advertisement. A dentist was offering a huge discount on dental crowns. He just received a machine which would allow him to create the crowns right there in his office and he… Continue reading Discount Dentist Disaster

Need a Dentist Who Caters to Fearful Patients Now!

Can you help a gal out? I’ve had a dentist for years who understood my fear of dentists. He joked that he always catered to cowards. He did, too! He made my appointments bearable and sometimes even fun. I moved to a neighboring state, but the last two dentists I tried were complete disasterRead More

Two broken baby teeth

My daughter broke two of her baby teeth. She is six years old and the two baby molars that are broken had pretty bad decay and cavities on them. Our dentist has told us that the best thing to do is to have them removed as soon as possible. Is this the proper treatment for… Continue reading Two broken baby teeth