Dentist Stained My Lumineers then Damaged Them

I spent a small fortune on getting my teeth redone and was quite disappointed in the results. I did spend time telling my dentist exactly what color I wanted. He knew I wanted a white smile. All he kept telling me was to “trust him” he’ll give me a nice smile. I did trust him.… Continue reading Dentist Stained My Lumineers then Damaged Them

You Can Do Better Than Lumineers

I have longed for a smile makeover for some time now. I keep seeing these advertisements for Lumineers and love how the results look. I went to see my dentist about it and he said he’d be happy to give me a smile makeover, but doesn’t use Lumineers. Shouldn’t I get to pick? Read More

Can Lumineers Help My White Spots?

I had braces and they cost my mother a fortune. When the braces were done I had these weird white spots on my teeth. Some kids at school have been pointing it out to me, as if I don’t have a mirror at home and don’t feel weird enough already. I’m wondering if Lumineers can… Continue reading Can Lumineers Help My White Spots?

Should I Get Lumineers?

My uncle offered to buy me a smile makeover for graduation. I’m very excited. My parents could never afford anything like that. I want to make sure I get the right thing. I keep seeing advertisements for Lumineers. Should that be what I get or Porcelain Veneers? Avery Dear AveRead More

Dentist Ruined My Lumineers

I need some help. I asked my dentist to recommend a cosmetic dentist. He said there aren’t actually cosmetic dentists, that all dentists are cosmetic dentists. That surprised me, but I took him at his word. Now I’m wondering if that was a mistake. I wanted a smile makeover. We discusRead More

Did Miley Cyrus Get Lumineers or Porcelain Veneers?

I love Miley Cyrus’ smile. I want to get one like it. It looks like she had work done to get it. I can’t tell if she got Lumineers or porcelain veneers. Can you tell as a dentist? Meagan Dear Meagan,

Why Are My Lumineers Bulky?

I was so excited about getting Lumineers, especially because they’re ultra-thin which my dentist said will look more natural. But, that’s not how they turned out. Instead, they look really bulky and chalky. I would say, though they’re whiter than my old teeth were that anyone coRead More

Shouldn’t she choose Lumineers over braces?

I’m concerned that my daughter is choosing Lumineers over braces. She’s only 22 years old. I know they can’t last her for life. How do I convince her that she is wasting time and money? She’s already working to pay her way through college. Braces cost less than half of what she was quotedRead More

Are no Lumineers at all better than a Groupon for Lumineers?

Are no Lumineers at all better than a Groupon for Lumineers? I’m just wondering how high the risk is of making a disaster of my already bad-looking teeth. They are not my top choice for veneers but this is affordable. I don’t want to go into debt to make my teeth look better. So this… Continue reading Are no Lumineers at all better than a Groupon for Lumineers?