Dental Bonding Staining After One Week

I had dental bonding done on my front two teeth. It has only been one week and they are already picking up stains. I do drink coffee, but my dentist never told me that I couldn’t. If I am able to get these whitened, will I need to avoid coffee from now on? Stacey Dear… Continue reading Dental Bonding Staining After One Week

Dealing with Deformed & Missing Teeth

I have a missing lateral incisor. It’s been missing my entire life. My dentist did braces and I now have a dental flipper where that space was. I want to find something more permanent to replace it with. I also have the other incisor that is there but a bit deformed. It is smaller and… Continue reading Dealing with Deformed & Missing Teeth

Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist on Yelp

I am going to get a smile makeover. I’m deciding between two dentists and two procedures and wondered if you can help me narrow things down. For my smile makeover, I’m either getting porcelain veneers or dental bonding. I’ve been looking on Yelp for the dentist and two of them nRead More